The goal of this mod is for the player to see a variety of mogs around the game world, but to come across them some-what rarely. I took the approach that mogs are new to the Empires population, so they are not completely accepted into it yet. You won't see any Imperial Guard Mogs wandering around, for example. You will see them in most other walks of society, such as guild members, bandits, commoners, merchants, and adventurers, among other classes.

75 weapons included: Breaker Swords, Claws, Kupo Nuts, and Staves. 50+ pieces of armor included: Helms, Hoods, Shins, Goggles, and Gloves.

*Version 5.2 is technically a beta version. There are some bugs and unfinished things, but for the most part it is finished. The main aspect of the mod is complete: you'll see random mogs wearing random things in random places. The chance of seeing mogs may seem less than in older versions, but now they just have as equal a chance of spawning as the rest of the races in MCA.

REQUIRES Mog*Mod v4b and Morrowind Comes Alive (links below)


--The newest version is for Morrowind Comes Alive 5.2 and can be Downloaded Here: MCA Mog Addon v5.2

--For MCA version 4.1, with DarkDragons moogle voices included, here: MCA Mog Addon v5 with Voices

--The original MCA v4.1 version, without voices: MCA Mog Addon v5