Inspired by the previous attempts at creating a less graphic enchanted item icon, I found those mods to be more distracting than helpful in my inventory. This is my attempt at a 'halfway' icon for enchanted items. The swirl is still there, but it's only in the borders of the icon. So you can still see the item in question , you can still easily tell it's enchanted, and it's still within the original Morrowind design.

Now includes 11 more alternate icon borders (12 in all). Each design has it's own folder, just copy and paste each set when you want to use them. There are two pictures included: "Alt Beth Swirl Pic" is the version 1 icon from 2006. "Magic Borders Pic" shows the 11 new icons.

Player Responses:

“Very nice. IMHO the best magic icon I've come across yet. The very best of breed. “ - Fliggerty

“Just a little vote of *10* to say how much I like this magic marker more than Alternate Enchantment Icons. The blue star was nice but the count was hard to read. Much better. “ - ottowarlock

“Does what it says, makes it much easier to find magic items in inventory.” - silje

“I'm sick to death of making mistakes because I think there is 11 of 21 of an item, but there's only 1 in reality (so I waste it). It's NOT lame at all since this clearly lets you see the item count.” - Lady Godiva